Live Action Motion Picture + UE4 Realtime Game Engine Integration – Part 2

Published on Jan 5, 2016

The final bridge has been crossed… Welcome to the future of Motion Picture/VFX Production! Check out the first prototype Live Action Motion Picture/VFX + Realtime Game Engine (UE4) integration production pipeline test using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4, Motion Control (Stiller Studios – Stockholm, Sweden). This test utilizes one motion control camera move for two completely virtual camera movements/scenes via prototype hierarchical UE4 Camera Rig. This is a rough slap comp (no roto or cleanup, only a slap preview color correction) using only raw footage, raw UE4 output & VFX matte generated realtime in-scene within UE4. These 2 shots use only 1 motion control camera move to create 2 completely different car motion paths/virtual UE4 environments. (Wanted to show you the raw rough results so you can see how much of the way there slapping these elements together gets you)

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